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How it work's for Naiks

We send you customers to help you grow your business

Naik Jee will help you grow your business by sending you customers. Customers tell us what they need and we send the job leads to you. If it’s the right job for you, then you respond and work out the details with the customer directly. To see the job leads is free, to respond to the job leads will cost you a small amount.

1 - We send you job leads

We send job leads to you via email and SMS from our customers looking for Naiks in your category.The job leads are real with customers clearly in need of Naiks. Customers will include key information such as job description, location, timing and price range.

2 - Review job leads and decide the right ones for you

Review job leads from our customers. Decide if the job is right for you and decide to quote.

3 - Send a quote

Respond to the customer with a quote. A customer can receive up to five offers from different s.We will automatically include your profile, customer reviews, customer ratings and contact information. You pay a small amount when you quote or when customers contact you directly from Naik. Credit System Details

4 - Get hired

-You and the customer work out the details directly Naik Jee chat). Let us know when you are hired and completed the job to add to your profile. Ask customer to rate you on Naik Jee to increase your chances of getting hired in the future.

Want to increase your chance of getting hired?

1 - Have a professional and detailed profile on Naik Jee.

Every Naik gets a free profile. You can add key information such as your contact details, your categories and pictures. We will include past jobs, customer reviews and customer ratings to your profile as you use NaikJee. The more active you are and the better service you provide, the better profile you will have on Naik Jee.

2 - Respond to customer

You should respond to job leads in a professional and clear manner. Write clearly and make sure you add a price and what you will do for that price. Also make sure you provide your availability to complete the job.

3 - Give an estimate

Customers like to know a range for the service they need. Provide a price range and be clear about what the price includes.

4 - Get reviews and ratings

Ask your customers to take the time to review your work on Naik Jee once you complete the job. It is important for you to build your track record on Naik as it will help you get hired more often. If you let us know that the job was completed, we will also help you get a review from the customer.

5 - Talk to our team

If you are unsure of how Naik Jee works or you want us to help you improve your chances of getting hired, reach to our Naik Relationship Managers via or 800 and we will help you.

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