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No more needless searches through the yellow pages, classifieds, newspapers, or internet and numerous phone calls to figure out the right service provider who can effectively do the job at an acceptable time, quality and price

  • Is the Naik trusted and qualified?

  • Who is the best Naik for my job?

  • Can the Naik do the job at the time I need?

  • Is the Naik charging a fair price?

  • Can the Naik do the job within my budget?

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with quotes from several Naiks allowing you to compare prices, read reviews and hire the right Naik from wherever you are.

1 - Post a service request

Choose a category and post your service request to all Naiks in that category. The more details you include, the better quotes you will receive.

2 - Receive Offers

Naiks will respond to you within hours of posting your service request with estimates and details. See their profile, ratings and contact information. You can communicate with your preferred Naik directly to finalize details and pricing.

3 - Hire the right Naik

Hire the Naik you are most happy with and pay them directly.

4 - Rate the Naik

Rate the Naik and let everyone know about your experience. This will help improve our community of quality Naiks and support Naiks who are providing great work.

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