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If you are looking for an electrical service in Dubai, Naik Jee is the place to be at. Our electricians have expertise in all kinds of electrical works, from fixing simple electrical outlet issues to effectively rewiring your electrical system. Get quotes from multiple vetted electricians now!


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It’s not uncommon for you to run into electrical problems in your home and office. And it is also more common, and a lot more frustrating, to find the right electrician or electrical service provider in Dubai using conventional means. That’s exactly where Naik Jee comes in. 

With us,it takes only a single click to get several quotes in a short time from electrical service providers. Whether your electrical issue is in your office, home, factory, or shop, our electrical service providers are capable of repairing all kinds of electrical works. 

All you need to do is post an electrical service request on our platform, and before you know it, a licensed and approved electrical services provider will be available to manage your issue or project!

Why Use use Naik Jee to Find Best Electrical Services in Dubai?

Electrical Services in Dubai - We are Prepared to Take Up Any Kind of Request

Our team at Naik Jee is prepared to take up pretty much every kind of project! 

Let’s take the most common electrical services required in Dubai. 

Installations: When you want to install new electrical outlets, electrical panels, or a home appliance that requires some electrical rewiring, you need an expert to handle this type of electrical task.


Lighting: If you need some electrical rewiring done because of a new lighting fixture, or something has gone wrong with your existing lighting solution, Naik Jee is a place to look. We will help you reach a professional and available electrician. Kindly share specific details with us to so that we can connect you with the right electricians. 

Electrical upgrades: Whether you want to upgrade your current electrical system or install new electrical wiring and sockets for new equipment, you can find the best electrician in Dubai through Naik Jee.